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Stéphane Blais

Stéphane Blais is a professional in software quality assurance and test automation, having accumulated nearly 15 years of experience in this field, including 5 years leading a team. He is recognized for his professionalism, his sense of organization and his ability to determine the right priorities to ensure quality work within the allotted deadlines. Stéphane is a positive, smiling, creative, dynamic, resourceful and proactive person, capable of learning quickly and adapting easily. 

It was in his mid-twenties that Stéphane decided to change career path and returned to school to become a programmer analyst and then a quality assurance analyst. 

Previously, he worked as a house painter. His training and experience in construction taught him the importance of thoroughness and rigor in his work, qualities that proved very useful in his new career. 

Today, Stéphane is proud to have successfully made his professional transition and to be able to put his skills and expertise to the service of his colleagues and clients. He continues to improve in his field and look for new ways to contribute to the success of the company, its team and its projects.


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