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Introducing Creäsavia!

Updated: Jun 27

By Martin-Pierre Roy, Co-founder of Zentelia and CreäSavia, a software engineering firm and expert in software quality assurance

May 30, 2024

A new family member!

CreäSavia was born from various opportunities we repeatedly encountered at Zentelia. In fact, Zentelia's mission is to improve productivity by focusing on a well-thought-out integrated quality approach at every stage to increase productivity and final quality. However, during our various assignments, many of our clients requested to assist in developing their solutions. To stay true to Zentelia's primary mission, we had to refuse these requests and direct our clients to external development firms. In 2023, we decided to start an independent company dedicated to meeting our clients' needs. With over 25 years of experience in product development and managing large development teams, Jérémy expressed interest in leading this company and is the perfect leader to establish it. Martin-Pierre, meanwhile, provides all the necessary support to Jérémy regarding business development. Martin-Pierre is also able to assist with everything related to architecture, having served as an architect multiple times throughout his career.

Thus, CreäSavia was born, driven by the desire to transform clients' ideas or hopes into commercial reality through the development or modernization of systems. At CreäSavia, although our team possesses expertise in reporting tools and OLAP technologies, as well as in the healthcare, banking, insurance, robotics, and many other sectors, our mission is to improve productivity in industrial domains by leveraging mass data extraction and exploitation. With the standardization of enterprise systems such as ERPs and other management systems coupled with artificial intelligence, we seized a great opportunity to leverage operational data to increase productivity. Team members share extensive experience in the fields necessary to implement these continuous improvement systems.

Contact us today to discover how CreäSavia can help you achieve your goals!


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