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Donald Marcotte

Donald Marcotte has more than 20 years of experience as a test automation specialist, programmer-analyst and principal architect in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and insurance sectors. For several years, Donald has focused on coaching and implementing quality strategies with high returns on invested capital; to do this, it implements best development practices and good “Design Patterns” increasing maintainability, and it injects automated tests on the different layers of the solution. 

Before joining Zentelia, Donald worked as an architect on Syndromic Surveillance and Immunization Data Transmission projects with health departments in 7 US states. His rigor and ability to produce reliable and flawless solutions comes from his passion for quality assurance, his dedication to the cause of protecting business reputation and integrity, and his commitment to protecting interests of its clients. For 9 years, Donald put his talent at the service of the company Cardinal Health, where he created a resilience and performance testing engine equipped with learning. In recognition of this remarkable work, Donald received the Chairman Award, the highest honor given to an employee. 

In 2016, with his rich background, he joined the Zentelia team, a firm specializing in software quality assurance with a well-established reputation.


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