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Automatech Robotik helps wood manufacturers achieve sustainable growth. The Quebec company, led by a team of renowned engineers, has 45 employees. Thanks to Automatech Robotik's automated solutions, more than a hundred factories in North America have improved their output and efficiency in the field of wood processing.
Accelerating sales will require not only faster development, but also improved deployment and customer support practices. Industrial IT is progressing more and more quickly with the automation of practices which, not so long ago, were still artisanal. The precision and stability of solutions require the learning of new knowledge and practices, both for the designer and for the users.


Automatech Robotik has set out to acquire a greater market share, which will result in increasing the number of installations to be served. Some changes have already started, particularly in terms of software solutions.

The main challenge was to elevate Automatech Robotik's industrial software programmers to the level of high caliber programmers, in order to move from a software solution per project to a series of software with the ability to repeat itself in multi-projects.


Form the software development team on software testing and good architectural practices based on the strengths and knowledge of each member, while addressing experienced and anticipated problems. This training, based on the principles of ISTQB, adapts entirely to the reality of the team. Spread over three weeks, various training courses allow employees to concretely apply the theory presented by working directly in their projects with the help of trainers.

Since Zentelia is a firm of experienced quality assurance consultants, Automatech Robotik participants benefit from a significant transfer of knowledge.


Nearly eight months after the transition to Zentelia, the Automatech Robotik software development team has made giant leaps. The passion, commitment and spirit of collaboration that drive the team members ensured that they progressed quickly during the training. Beyond improved technical skills, a new quality mentality has been established within the team and radiates throughout the company.

Listen to Tommy Gagnon, President and CEO, Automatech Robotik​


Accelerated catching up to become a leader
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