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DuProprio is one of the largest real estate sites in Quebec, ranking among the leaders in the field. Since the site's creation in 1997, nearly 300,000 consumers say they have sold their property using DuProrio. On average, nearly 20,000 properties for sale are currently posted on its site. The company employs 500 people who carry out their work using a software system that encapsulates the entire complex procedure of the real estate field. Online activities are experiencing significant growth and for DuProprio to remain a leader, quality must be there.



In order to meet the growing needs of consumers, the DuProprio software development team must have a plan and a structure to optimize and maximize the software test automation processes.

The goal is to increase the speed of execution and obtain a better view of the quality of the product throughout the process, while reducing the time allocated to development and production.
More precisely: moving from a mode of quality control at the end of development, to quality processes throughout the product life cycle.




Assess the software quality maturity level using a diagnosis based on the TMMi model in order to clearly identify the challenges of the organization and to propose appropriate recommendations.
Support and coachThe team of software developers in test automation. Sporadically for several months, Zentelia developers join the DuProprio team to teach, support and collaborate with it on a technical level. The code structure is improved and a solid test suite is designed and executed. This creates the infrastructure on which the team now builds all its automated tests.
Advisethe quality manager in order to develop his skills in quality management, for six months.
Support in the development of the quality improvement process using tailor-made conferences and training (ISTQB) adapted to the needs of the organization.





Thanks to the various mandates carried out by Zentelia, DuProprio is now testing the majority of its application functionalities using a powerful automation infrastructure.
This made it possible to reduce the software development cycle by more than half.
The place and importance software quality assurance arebetter understood by all departmental teams: analysts, developers and requesters.

Hear from Anthony Roy, Team Lead, Web Quality Control


Ensuring quality to remain the best
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