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Team Cohesion Workshop with PCM (Offered Only in French)

Do you sometimes feel like your messages aren't getting through? Do you want to have a better flow of information and break down silos? For that, it takes more than just good communication; it takes understanding each other. To get there Process Communication Model© is a must!

Time and location

Date and time to be defined

Location to be defined



For a private corporate training, a minimum of 6 participants is required.

To maximize interaction, a maximum of 8 participants is ideal.

Dates: Upon request 

Training duration: 1 hour

Fees: $495 plus taxes per participant

Duration of the pre-meeting profile questionnaire: 30 to 45 minutes

Equipment required by the participant: 

  • Computer or tablet with camera, microphone, and Zoom platform 
  • Internet connection with sufficient speed to download PDFs and view video content

Coaching is a recognized skill development method supported by the government, and team-building activities aimed at fostering collaboration are eligible expenses. Your CPA can validate this.


  • Develop collective intelligence
  • Demonstrate self-awareness
  • Decode stress behaviors
  • Adopt strategies to restore effective communication
  • Anticipate and defuse conflicts
  • Motivate and foster engagement


Everyone. The PCM, although often presented in a professional context, can be very relevant for everyday situations.


Being involved, whether closely or remotely, in the team's work. A willingness to engage in introspection and an interest in collaboration are advantageous.


STANDARD PROFILE. This skills development program refers to the Process Communication Model® (PCM), developed by clinical psychologist Taibi Kahler in partnership with NASA. Numerous scientific evidences demonstrate the credibility and relevance of this powerful tool. To reinforce learning, participant interactions and exercises are integrated into the program.

Program Steps

1 - Individually, each person

Completes an online questionnaire
Watches an exclusive preparatory video
Downloads the distinctive accompanying toolkit

2 - In private virtual coaching, each person

Discovers their PCM personality profile

3 - As a team, virtually or in person, the group

Shares their experiences
Discovers the team profile
Discusses the appropriate and compassionate use of PCM
Generates ideas to connect and collaborate better with colleagues, stakeholders, or external collaborators

What is included in the program

  •  The complete description of your PCM profile on 30 to 40 PDF pages
  •  The summarized version of your PCM profile on 3 PDF pages
  •  Privileged access to unique and exclusive video content
  •  A support kit with distinctive content
  •  A virtual or face-to-face debriefing session (if possible)
  •  Confidentiality: the profile is only accessible in the secure session of the person who responded to the questionnaire as well as in the session of the coach for support.


  •  Questionnaire to be completed prior to the meeting to determine your PCM profile.


 Mélanie Gravel, accredited Process Communication Model® (PCM) Coach , certified Kandan Coach Professional (KCP), Agile and Agile Team Facilitation coach (ICP-ACC & ICP-ATF) as well as Scrum Master (PSM) and founder of DARUM.

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