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Code structure, dependency injection and automated unit testing (JAVA)

A good code structure allows for better testing and better maintainability. This 2-day online training will allow you to learn the concepts and see several good practices allowing for better testing.

Time and location

On demand




For private corporate training, a minimum of 6 participants is required. 

Contact us.

 Fees: $1200 plus taxes per participant

 Training duration: 14 hours

 Materials required by the participant:

  •  Computer, camera, microphone and Zoom Platform
  •  Computer, camera, microphone
  •  Internet connection with a respectable speed to download the dependencies of the projects in exercise
  •  IDE like IntelliJ (preferable) or Eclipse
  •  JDK11 or more

Zentelia virtually transmits all the necessary documents including course notes and exercises.


Directed workshops and lectures.


Java developers who want to better organize their code and have an interest in quality assurance.


 Have a basic knowledge of Java.



  •  Software architecture
  •  Purist vision versus personal experience, Clean Code (Robert C Martin), Martin Fowler
  •  Design pattern

 Divide and Conquer​ Layered Division

  •  Allow you to properly isolate concepts and especially business logic.

​ Dependency injection

  •  What is dependency injection? False conceptions...
  •  Way to do dependency injection
  •  AOP, IOC, Dependency Inversion vs Dependency Injection
  •  Why use dependency injection?
  •  Preference on how to do dependency injection

Dependency injection frameworks 

Automated unit testing

  •  What's the point? Best practices
  •  What are the essential concepts to know?
  •  AAA
  •  Code coverage

 Learning experience

The training will begin with good practices of code breaking and simple architecture to move towards the concepts of dependency injection. The training will deal with unit testing with a very practical approach while explaining the different concepts involved in it. The language used for the exercises and demonstrations will be JAVA.


 The trainer is Martin Leclerc, a specialist in software architecture for over 10 years.

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