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Agile Tester

A 6-hour online training course on how to properly manage functional tests and master the techniques in an agile project.

Time and location

On demand




For private company training, a minimum of 6 participants is required.

Contact us.

Fees :$595 plus taxes / participant

Duration of the training: 6 hours

Materials required by the participant: Computer, camera, microphone and Zoom Platform

Zentelia virtually transmits all the necessary documents including course notes and exercises.


  • To understand and explain the importance of the test in an agile project.
  • Contribute effectivelyto the project while respecting the essentials of the test in agile mode.
  • Set up and follow the testing activity in agile mode.
  • Identify and select the tools to use in agile.on mode.


  • Project managers
  • Quality analysts and experts
  • Responsible for processes, methods and tools
  • Developers
  • Testers


Be involved, directly or indirectly, in quality assurance and testing of software or information systems. Prior knowledge of key activities in the software development life cycle is an advantage, but not required.


The program is based on the main concepts of Agility and the sharing of experience of the participants. In order to consolidate learning, exercises with high added value for the understanding and use of testing concepts in agile mode are integrated into the program.

Course chapters

1-Understand the fundamental principles, practices and processes used in an agile environment

  • Creation of the User Story
  • Retrospective and continuous improvement
  • Continuous integration
  • Planning releases and iterations

2-Know the principles of testing and the roles of the tester in agile approaches

  • Test statuses in agile approaches
  • Roles and skills of the tester in an agile team

3-Apply the right methods and techniques, test in an agile environment and select the appropriate tools

  • Methods of agile test dial, test pyramid, automation
  • Exploratory testing techniques and other agility testing techniques
  • Overview of the use of tools in agile projects


  • Manage tests in an agile project;
  • Create and review user stories;
  • Release Planning and Sprint Planning;
  • Execute team sprints;


The trainer is Jean-François Riverin, expert in software quality assurance, co-founder of Zentelia and chief trainer.

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