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Ensuring quality through business agility

A 3.5 hour online training course to demystify the foundations of agility and initiate transformation in a software development team.


On demand

Zoom Platform

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For private company training, a minimum of 6 participants is required.

Contact us.

Duration of the training: 3 h 30

Materials required by the participant:Computer, camera, microphone and Zoom Platform

Zentelia virtually transmits all the necessary documents including course notes and exercises.

Costs : $345  plus taxes / participant


  • To understand the profits for a organization and its clients to develop a relevant level agility.
  • Realize conditions and elements necessary for a company to develop its level of agility.
  • To build a shared vocabulary and understanding of concepts related to Agile approaches.
  • Prime reflection and conversation about your current level of agility.


  • Team members who start with an Agile approach
  • Project managers entering the Agile environment
  • Managers involved in Agile development


Have basic knowledge of software development.


Meaning and value of agility

  • Adapt why? For who? To what?
  • Address the different changes

Agile mindset

  • Values, principles, practices and behaviors

Way to produce value

  • Software solution
  • Delivery strategy under uncertainty

Development of a high-performance and agile team

  • Required Characteristics and Skills
  • Conditions and spaces conducive to agility

Learning experiences

This training includes several modules, each with portions of learning, experimentation, sharing and personal reflection. We believe that the balance between these different learning methods will allow you to better integrate the themes and derive the greatest benefits.


The trainer is Gilles Duchesne, Agile coach and organizational facilitator.

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