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Ensuring quality through risk management

A 3.5 hour training course on how to target risk areas and reduce anomalies early in the software development cycle.

Time and location

Sur demande

Zoom Platform



For private company training, a minimum of 6 participants is required.

Contact us.

Duration of the training: 3 h 30

Materials required by the participant:Computer, camera, microphone and Zoom Platform

Zentelia virtually transmits all the necessary documents including course notes and exercises.

Costs : $345  plus taxes / participant


  • Reduce the time allocated for testing and marketing.
  • Selectthe most relevant tests and reduce the effort required.
  • Reduce overall risk early and in the development cycle.
  • Reduce severity production anomalies.


For any project or product manager, developer, quality specialist and professional wishing to reduce the risks of anomalies and cost overruns.


Have basic knowledge of software development.


This training demonstrates how quality management makes it possible to quickly and effectively identify and reduce the risks inherent in all software development.

Course chapters

1-Link between risks and tests

  • What are the tests for?
  • What are risks
  • The Limits of Risk-Driven Quality
  • Risk-driven quality
  • Product risk management

2-Risk management

     The four main activities:

  • Detect
  • Analyze
  • Mitigate
  • To watch

3-Risk management process

  • Demystifying the risk matrix
  • Initiate the matrix
  • To plan
  • Hold the kick-off meeting
  • Extend coverage
  • Prepare (individually)
  • Hold the consensus meeting

4-Practical experience

  • Implementation
  • Types of tests to choose according to risk
  • Exercises

Learning experiences

The program is based on the main concepts of software quality and software testing. It promotes sharing of experience with participants. In order to consolidate learning, exercises with high added value for understanding are integrated into the program.


The trainer isJean-François Riverin, expertin software quality assurance, co-founder of Zentelia and chief trainer.

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